Pain Management - And How it Helps

Many people ask me as to whether I assist people with Pain Management?

The answer is Yes! But not always in the ways that are expected. Many people expect pain management to be for chronic pain like Fibromyalgia, ME or Arthritis. Although I have assisted many people in these areas, I tend to find the most rewarding is helping people with it when they don’t actually realise they need it.

For example, Needle Phobias. Many people believe they are scared of the impending doom that comes with needles (although there is non). Instead their thought process is triggering off to that one injection that would have hurt when younger. Breaking it into it lowest level, rather than a phobia it’s a traumatic event that the body id trying it’s best to not re-create.

Recently I had an 8yo child referred to me for a needle phobia. He has a B12 deficiency, which in turn means that he has to have weekly injections inter muscularly which in turn can be painful.

When I met him, it was taking up to 60 minutes for this injection to be administered with hysterical screaming as a lead up. With some work as to how he can manage the pain for himself, placing him in control, he was able to turn around the 60 minutes. First week he was much more in control and second week his injection took only 3 minutes with no pain…

Breaking this down, how can something so painful be pain free? Our brains as many have been told so much are powerful tools. If you believe something is going to hurt… It will (most of the time). But if you can put someone into a comfortable environment, where they can be in control and believe that they can choose whether or not the next injection will hurt or not. You will find miraculous outcomes.

So if you are someone who has a fear of needles and wishes to get past it. Contact me HERE to start your journey on to a more manageable lifestyle. Especially if requiring injections for pregnancy etc.

Hypnosis Online Meet Ups



Over the last 6 months I’ve been hosting Hypnosis Online Meet Ups, but what is it? 

I believe as a therapist it’s important to meet up with ither therapists and share findings, experiences and what courses etc they have enjoyed.

My journey began with organising a Meet Up in my local town, there was lots of interest, all was planned. But as the daye got closer more people were not able to attend due to babysitting, timings and other reasons. This meant there was only 3 of us.

After a reflection I was doing a Skype session one day and thought... why not bring the meet ups online? This is when Hypnosis Online Meet Ups was created.

We began by having a general meet up meeting with others. Then as we moved on I was able to get people in the field to present on different topics. With it being online we can all still see each other, but we’re in the comfort of our own home. 

The presentations were kick off by the amazing Daniel Ryan from New York, talking about all things Past Life Regression. This set the full foundations down for future meetings. 

Since then we have had two more information filled presentations from Phil Steele on Law Of Attraction and Barry Collins on Limiting Beliefs all of these can be downloaded from here.

I look forward to developing this concept moving forward, with many more presentations planned and a free get together in February. Also Daniel Ryan has announced he will be doing his live group past life regression session soon.


Kinetic Shift Australia

So we did it!

On 10-11 February 2018 Bev Gisborne and myself taught the first ever Kinetic Shift course in Adelaide Australia to 20 brand new practitioners.

For anyone not aware. A Kinetic Shift course is made up of one day rapid hypnosis inductions, where you learn a guaranteed 7 inductions with a maximum of 10. Day 2 we take you through everything that is to do with Kinetic Shift (a content free way of removing trauma and more) and plenty of practicing. 

So day 1, on the course we had a wide range of students, from seasoned therapists to people who had never done hypnosis before. Instantly we were cautious to the levels that we would have to deliver the content ensuring maximum learning from all. With a quick introduction we got underway with Induction number one, Magnetic Fingers.

With a number of demonstrations everyone got underway achieving hypnosis well within the 3 minute time frame. From this moment everyone on the course had the bug, so what better than Bev to get on teaching the next induction Magnetic Hands.

Screenshot 2018-02-25 09.34.57.png

Again with the amazement of what could be achieved, away they went to practice, practice, practice and perfect what they had been taught.

This is very much how the day continued, managing to fit all inductions in we finished day 1 with a confidence booster.

Having limited amounts of time each student had to achieve hypnosis with a peer, give empowering suggestions an emerge within allotted times. Starting with 2 minutes, everyone was actually finishing well before the timer finished. this showed to Bev and myself just how well they had took on the information from the day. Until after a few different time allowances there was now only 30 seconds to induce hypnosis give suggestions and emerge. Again all achieved the goal. Using the Shock Inductions that had learned allowed them plenty of time for the remainder.

It was soon day 2 and Kinetic Shift was to be taught. Following some energy demonstrations using Peppa Pig (yes Peppa Pig) we got in depth with what Kinetic Shift was, going through step by step how it works. With already great results being achieved by Bev and myself in the demos, the students were soon practicing and getting great results.

With a lot more practice throughout the remainder of the day Australias first Kinetic Shift course was complete. What a beautiful location, amazing students and great team work in Bev and Myself.

Until next time Australia.

Old Pain Gone with OldPain2Go®


This weekend myself and three other UK Hypnosis Academy trainers set off for Ruskington, Lincolnshire to learn OldPain2Go® with the creator Steven Blake. I had heard from many friends in the hypnosis community as to how good this technique was, as well as hearing of a lot of success stories. So who better to learn from than the originator?

Saturday 20th January 2018 we set off from the hotel we stayed in nearby, with open minds we were looking forward to the day ahead. Upon Arrival Steven welcomed us all with a warm hug, making all 7 of us on the course feel at home. With a quick introduction and a cup of tea (most important element), we made our way into his training room to begin learning.

Steven took us into depth as to how why and when he created this amazing methodology that is now taking the world by storm, the biggest part of it I took away was the passion of his work and fine detail of every story of examples where he had helped people. The way he mentions that as he walks down the road seeing someone with clear pain, then offers them help there and then. He also spends many a summers day at various events helping people for free. 

Soon enough the first volunteer arrived. A lady in her 30's with Fibromyalgia. Her pain running through her body was clear, in her face, the way she moved and even her voice. Steven explained how and why the body develops Fibromyalgia and the look on her face as though he had been following her and knew exactly how she was feeling. She stated that she was currently feeling pain that was an 8 out of 10. So Steven went through the OldPain2Go® procedure with her....

Straight away you could see her frame relaxing, colour starting to fill her cheeks and that smile fulfilling a place that you could see she hadn't had for some time. Her pain had gone down from an 8 to a 1! A few moments later and it was a 0. Amazing. So much so when she stood up out of her chair she moved like a completely different person. Free, flexible and most importantly not in pain.

After a tea break we got down to the main learning. I'm not going to go into depth, but as before the attention to detail was impeccable from start to finish. He imbedded the belief into us all that we can and will achieve this of which come the end of the day we did.

Modern day life is becoming a lot quicker. Everyone wants everything NOW. With this technique you are able to give that. It is quick easy and can be delivered in person or over Skype.

If you would like to find out how OldPain2Go® can help you please contact me.

Further reading: OldPain2Go® 

Thank you for reading.


What results can Hypnotherapy Weight Loss achieve?


Firstly, many people in the world do not need to lose masses of weight. There you go I said it, many people are just not happy with what they see in the reflection of a mirror, or as they pass a window. Of course all of us could do with losing a kilogram here and there, but the biggest goal is to get the person to respect their bodies for who they are.

Imagine looking at yourself just after you try on those new clothes you have just bought over the internet. Usually, people get that feeling that rushes through their body, trying to find an excuse as to why is doesn't look right even though you may look great. Now imagine how it may feel if that feeling wasn't there. How would that feel? 

Once those feelings are tamed and you feel more comfortable looking at yourself properly (not just to apply make up/shave), we can tackle the areas that need further improvement.


90% of fat in a human body is from an over indulgence of sugary, fatty and carbohydrate-filled snacks. These are the areas that require targeting using hypnosis which would tone down the subconscious mind, removing the craving like feelings.

How can this be achieved?

The human mind has millions of anchors that trigger off emotions and thoughts. For example, many people turn on a kettle to make a cup of tea and instantly think 'biscuits' or 'crisps'. This is because of a pattern of life, having a biscuit with a drink as a child or any other snacks. The body creates 'happy' chemicals in the mind when eating them, mostly due to the high content of fat and sugar. These anchors are what are going to be knocked away, you may still eat the food, but it will be in more containable quantities and controllable.

The final push

Now that you feel better - and eat better - the final thing to do is raise your metabolism and confidence, doing so will trigger the subconscious to filter out more toxins and unwanted foods allowing weight loss to be a lot more achievable.

Following hypnosis, you will find that there are more conscious decisions being made towards what to eat and what to do, what not to do. Follow those decisions and you will see the greatest results.

If you have any more questions or would like to book a weight loss hypnotherapy treatment please contact me.


First Kinetic Shift Course Completed!

On April 29th and 30th myself and Bev Gisborne of Rewired Minds took 11 people on our first Kinetic Shift training course for the UK Hypnosis Academy following out train the trainer course in March.


We always knew being the first course that wasn't being taught by the founder Karl Smith was going to give added strain, as would people still want to join us on our course? With 6 weeks from completing the trainer’s course to our Kinetic Shift course we knew we had to get advertising and make people feel comfortable with our presence to join us.

With many sleepless nights planning how to advertise or planning Facebook live events, we started to get noticed and slowly started to take bookings. Fantastic!!! All of a sudden the natural anxiety we both felt started to drop, more positive drive developed, ensuring this would be a course that whoever attended would enjoy.

In the final week we had ten booked on with one last person booking on with two days to go. So all prepared and a long car journey for Bev from Norwich we were all ready to become the first qualified associate trainers of the UK Hypnosis Academy.

Day 1

IMG_5310.JPG (1).jpg

Early rise and a hearty breakfast we got to the hotel as early as we were allowed to, good job too as they had set the room up different compare to how we asked the day before... typical. So a quick re jig and a few deep breaths we were ready to go. From this point it was an absolute blast; everyone bonded really well and took to all the new rapid hypnosis methods. All that were on the course were now getting so confident with a rapid use to hypnosis meant they were no longer using scripts, watching the person they were working with and more importantly ensuring safety was in place at all times.

IMG_5299.JPG (1).jpg

The difference in the confidence in every person (although already hypnotherapy trained) was amazing, all finding a new number of inductions from the 9 they had been taught.  There was also one lady who was registered as deaf… how do we hypnotise a deaf person… how do you give a deaf person suggestion when in trance? She could in fact hear but only about 10%, so lip reading was her main method to communicate. For that reason trance was induced using touches that were all put in place prior to the session beginning. The suggestion section was all delivered with eyes open (although still hypnotised) before re-entering the hypnotic state prior to emergence.

Following our session I asked about her hearing, where she informed me it was from a virus she had had, leaving her now with approximately 10% hearing. It was at this point I used Kinetic shift to help her realise that her hearing wasn’t really down to 10%, but she had actually stopped using it as was more than comfortable lip reading. So as you can guess her hearing got better and more clearly, her tears of joy showed that she hadn’t ‘heard’ like this for some years. This wasn’t the only help that was given out throughout the weekend, after all we are all human and every human has things that they need assistance with.

Day 2

Kinetic Shift, The day had come to learn what most were there to learn, but first practice of everything that was taught the day before. What better way to do this that doing so in a speed induction style.

Each person practiced from 2 minutes, down to 30 second and finishing off with a 5 minute session to indicate just how long you actually have to help clients using hypnotherapy. Following this and a little demo of Peppa Pig (you will find out on the course) we got underway with Kinetic Shift. Now what would be a better way to demonstrate that helping someone on the course who had a traumatic event when car jacked 10 years ago, but also had her daughter in the car too. For many years she felt unsafe and not able to talk to people about the event without being very emotional (which is to be expected). Following the Kinetic Shift demonstration which took about 10 minutes the change in her face and the way she held her body, showed there was a change to how she now felt of the situation.

For the rest of the day there was lots of practicing as well as demonstrations, everyone was overwhelmed with the effectiveness of the speed of Kinetic Shift, also how it managed to help again with things that people on the course were unable to explain why they felt that way prior to the course.

So there we go, 11 people who are now under the UK Hypnosis Academy umbrella and already making many changes for a lot of people in their own practices.

IMG_5309.JPG (1).jpg

Myself and Bev aim to be running another course at the end of the year and look forward to meeting anyone who joins us.

Keep an eye out for our new website opening soon for more course details that are happening across the country.


What Happens After Weight Loss Hypnosis

This is why I know hypnotherapy weight loss works: Me - before and following treatment.

This is why I know hypnotherapy weight loss works: Me - before and following treatment.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy is very close to me, after all I lost 2.5st following hypnotherapy and in turn become a lot fitter and more valuably more confident. But what was it that changed after hypnotherapy, why was I able to lose that weight?

Following a session you find yourself in charge more than ever of your eating habits. Remember all foods are important, if we don't eat we can't function just the same as not filling your car up with fuel. The difference is the quality and/or quantity of food that you eat. For me I'm not a fruit eater, I don't like the texture of the skin from apples and pips from fruit. Strange I know but that's just me and I'm sure some people can relate to that. So more of my weight loss come from food consumption. I was eating portions until I was full then stopping and not providing myself with big lunches to again prevent overeating. The most important change for me was the prevention of snacking within the evenings. Where as I would usually (and happily) eat through 3/4 of a packet of biscuits in an evening with a cup of sugary tea, I now just have my sugar free tea without of a thought of a snack unless I'm really hungry following physical exercise or something of that nature.

That is my journey and everyone's can be completely different. I've had some clients who go on complete heath kicks eating all the low fat healthy foods that they haven't been able to sustain when on diets and others like me who eat comfortably but stopping their food once their stomachs indicate to them that they are full. I have also had some people contact me worrying that they have eaten foods that they thought they would never eat again, but once I point out the fact they stopped when they were full and didn't eat the same quantity they used to eat, this maid them realise the fact that they are much more free with their eating. Notice I said free with their eating? This is because following hypnotherapy it never feels like you're on a diet, every food and choice makes you feel like you're eating naturally and the choices make you feel more positive.

If you want to know more about Weight Loss Hypnotherapy or would like to book a session, please get in touch today - Bookings and Enquiries.

Graham Webber


I'm Becoming A UK Hypnosis Academy Instructor


Fantastic news! I've been selected from a choice of many Hypnotherapists to become a trainer for the UK Hypnosis Academy. But what does this mean... I as well as other people across the world will be delivering one day hypnosis packages as well as Kinetic Shift Practitioner courses. I'm really excited to be given this opportunity and as the students of the Bristol Kinetic Shift course this weekend found seen I am very keen and driven to help Karl deliver the immensely popular course that he has created. As a trainer I will be concentrating in training within the South West of the UK but available to run courses all over the country.

If you've not heard of the UK Hypnosis Academy (UKHA), or Kinetic Shift let me inform you on it. UKHA delivers hypnotherapy training from one day induction courses to full 5 day hypnotherapy diplomas which includes 3 months of mentoring to assist you build up your hypnotherapy business. Kinetic Shift was created by Karl and has become famous around the world as a leading hypnosis method to removing Fears, Phobias, Emotional Feelings, Assist with weight loss and much much more.

So what to expect on one of a course. Firstly you will learn RAPID Hypnosis inductions, if fact you will learn up to 10! Then practice your new skill, learning how to give positivity to a client, how to be safe and how to bring them back out of hypnosis. We will then practice practice practice all 10 leaving you feel confident and never requiring a script ever again! FACT.

Day 2 (after a wonderful sleep) will consist of more inductions, re confirming speed and accuracy. Social media skills to make YOU noticed. Then onto Kinetic Shift... where everything you'd learnt over the past 24 WILL seen like small fry. You will be getting a deep cleanse from each other, feeling the effects of Kinetic Shift and what a session feels like for a client. By this time you will feel drained but raring to go out to the real world using your new skills.

If you want to know more, or have done the course but would like to refresh your skills, please get in touch: Bookings & Enquiries.


Anxieties in Children


If you are a parent, there is nothing that you look after more than your children. So seeing them nervous to a level that compulsive behaviours are created is of course frustrating. But why is this happening?

Unfortunately children have very active minds that can be moulded in many different ways.

We as adults may say things to our children that they make take so serious, that they truly believe you. I always remember my parents saying "if you keep pulling faces like that and the wind changes, you'll stay like that forever". Although I knew this was never going to happen, there are some sayings that can play on a child's mind.

The most common anxieties I have come across in children involves the belief someone is going to get into their house whilst they sleep. I know as parents we protect our children as much as we possibly can. We never want to see then hurt or scared, we also do not know what truly scares them. I remember when David Bowie passed away last year, I put Labyrinth on for my children to watch. One of them absolutely loved it, the other found it difficult to sleep for days as he swore the Goblin King was going to come to our house, with this thought playing on his mind numerous times.

So how can you know if your child is just going through a phase, or know that they are suffering with anxieties that could only get worse?

Firstly does your child have genuine fear towards something? Going to bed, always checking windows/doors are locked, looks around the room when certain things are mentioned or seen on the TV and finally genuine fear when going to bed or being by themselves. Some children even struggle to get to sleep unless their parents are in the room with them.

Secondly if you ask your child to think about the thing that scares them or makes them feel anxious, then ask them if when they think if it, they get a feeling build up in their body like a ball of emotions. If this is the case, feelings have been confused at some point in their life. Going back a bit, this could when they were scared in the dark because someone turned the lights off and did a scary laugh for exmple. I hope that makes sense.

OK we know what and how the child is feeling, how can we get rid of it? Obviously being a Hypnotist I'm going to say hypnosis. But before settling the mind using hypnosis, I complete a confusion technique known as the Kinetic Shift, that prevents the cognitive mind from being able to remember where those thought used to come from. Because if there is no thoughts there to be scared of, then you can't be scared from those same situations.

Try it yourself, if you have a fear or phobia, think about what you're scared of... that feeling that build up in your body is exactly the same sort of feeling. So again imagine if it was gone. It would make everything a lot more bearable.

I really do hope this helps, if there is any questions towards the subject please contact me - Bookings & Enquiries.


Weight Loss: Hypnotherapy helped me do it!

Finally, following having Hypnotherapy for weight loss I can finally say it has helped me (I'll go through how in a minute) to achieve my first target weight of 95Kg.


At first I thought this would be a mammoth of a challenge, I've never been one to lose weight, Even with my military background, I've always been one of those people who either stay at one particular weight or keep creeping up towards breaking the scales.

So how has hypnotherapy helped me I can hear you thinking. Firstly once I was put into an hypnotic trance, I was given the suggestion to stop snacking, I know this doesn't sound like much but I could easily eat 1/2 - 3/4 of a packet of digestives with a cup of tea in the evening.

I always knew it's wasn't good for me, I just couldn't stop myself from the enjoyment. I now go daily without even thinking about snacking in any form. The only time I do have something small is if I'm REALLY hungry.

I was also taught (whilst in trance) how to actually notice when my stomach is full. This has helped me not try to fill my face with a plate full of food until destruction, you know that feeling when you say 'why did I eat so much'.

My other big goal when given the therapy was to start eating more fruit and vegetables. This element went a little less smooth as I still haven't got used to the texture of fruit. however, I've been enjoying to taste.. Vegetables have been more of a success, enjoying more different vegetables with my meals rather than just plain old peas.

Together with these simple methods and a bit more physical I'm proud to say I've been able to drop from 110kg to 95.5kg. My clothes fit me (or too big in some cases), and my belt is back to being worn on the first hole.

I'm sure some people who read this think its common sense eat less food and you'll lose weight, however its not been the quantity per say that I've changed, but more the type of foods that I'm eating.

If I've been feeling like I'm full during a meal I simply stop and leave.

Anyway if this small blog helps and you wish to experience the same hypnotherapy I had! Quote this blog to me to receive 50% off your booking.. Thats right £75 instead of £150 for your 2 hypnotherapy sessions. This offer is valid until 30.09.16.

Graham Webber



Am I susceptible to hypnosis?


Being a hypnotist in both stage hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy, I've had many people ask 'What if I'm not susceptible'. When it comes to being hypnotised, 90% of people will quite easily go into a hypnotic trance. After all everyone goes into trance on a daily basis, ever had someone stood in front of you waving their hand because you was 'daydreaming'? This is a perfect example of waking hypnosis, your eyes are wide awake but as your concentration is fixated on something you go into a trance like state.

Just like the feeling when daydreaming, hypnosis is very similar. You can hear everything around you, any muscle twitches or emotions can be felt throughout. This is because your conscious mind (those thoughts in your head telling you what to say and do) is in a relaxed state and your subconscious mind (your filing system) is heightened and ready to change.

For the ability to take on suggestions when in hypnosis, you have to be able to imagine, using the strong power of an imagination it allows you to visualise  the changes you need to make changes. When you think about a feeling that you've experienced, you can normally guarantee there is a situation that comes to mind from a time you felt those feelings.

So over all don't be scared of hypnosis, you can achieve many positive changes when under. Some of these changes can be instantaneous, others do take some time to listen to what your newly programed subconscious is trying to tell you.

If you ever have any more questions reference this topic please get in touch: Bookings & Enquiries.

Hypnotherapy to treat anxiety


What is Anxiety? Everyone that I've treated who say they suffer with anxiety always have the same look at life - they come to doing something new in their life or a regular activity that now makes them feel anxious. I never want this to sound rude, but everyone goes through new activities on a day-to-day basis, but do they feel anxious, or do they feel nervous?

The feeling of built up nerves when you are younger can be very hard to deal with. When I was younger, like many people, I always struggled to introduce myself to other people. I would always either wait for them to say hello or wait to find their name and wait until there is a moment I could use their name straight away. Was it because I had an anxiety or because I was nervous? I can tell you that for me it was nerves.

I can also relate to how if these nerves were to build up more and more each time that it would create a more intense nervousness. No one ever wants to introduce themselves to someone and not be liked, or the wrong first impression be taken. Likewise should you be someone who's been in a car crash, there will always be caution from that point on. Should someone look at the road thinking that there is always a strong possibility that there is going to be a crash surely the nerves when driving are going to be a lot stronger.

So, in the long run if the nervous element was removed and released from the moments in life where the nerves would build up so much that it would create an 'anxiety' this is where hypnotherapy helps. Using hypnotic trance you're able to change the subconscious minds filing system. This allows that from that point, anytime you are in the same environment that once made you nervous, you will simply find confidence.

Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool that can assist in many ways to change your life for the good. If you are interesting in finding out more or would like to book a session, please get in touch: Bookings & Enquiries.


Hypnosis helped me lose weight!


During my Hypnotherapy Diploma, I took the opportunity to undergo a weight loss session, Now as a 6'3" male I was weighing 17.1St before the course. Training has not been capable due to a knee injury, I've also been very poor at eating fruit and veg.

A lady on the course (Bev) completed her diploma a few months before but was after a refresher. So I challenged her to hypnotise me for weight loss. I explained how my only intake of veg was a portion of peas, as I was put off veg when younger due to my dad force feeding me if I didn't finish my vegetables.

After approx 40-50 minutes of going through a number of past memories and changing the way I thought about fruit and veg I spent the next 15 minutes thinking how I wanted to buy and apple from the local store. The strange thing was I kept saying to myself that I was being stupid, but the more I thought that the more I wanted to purchase and taste an apple.

In the end i purchased a bag of apples, to my amazement I took a bite and the old retching reaction didn't happen. I also found the apple to be very tasty. But how  could this be? I've never liked eating apples, but it was nice... later that evening when having my dinner i ordered a burger (I know not the healthiest of choices). When it was served it came with salad on the burger. Now normally i would just flick the 'Rabbit food' off an be one with it, but this evening I had this voice in my head that was telling me to try it.. So i did, and to my amazement again (that's now twice in one day) I enjoyed it.

I always knew that the hardest person to believe that I had made these changes to my life would be my wife (I'm not 100% sure she's convinced). But when I was making my cereal for breakfast and didn't put my normal sprinkle of sugar on top as my head said I didn't need it I was confused, especially when I ate it and it still tasted the same as when I would have the sugar on top.

Since being on the course (of which i started 17.1st) I've been able to stop junk food eating, mostly cutting down on bread intake. I've also been able to manage the pain in my knee more, allowing me to complete for physical activity and drop down to my current weight of 16.3st in the 2 week period.

So should you sill be reading this far in, always realise that you can make the changes you require to lose weight. It's fair to say its all in your head, but sometimes you need that nudge to assist you.

If you want to lose weight I suggest hypnotherapy, not just because I'm a therapist but because its changed my life more that I could imagine. Get in touch today for a free consultation: Bookings & Enquiries.

Hypnotic Trance To Stop Snacking

Since becoming qualified as a Hypnotherapist a lot of women ask, “can you stop me eating junk food?” Now although that's the first question, there also seems to be a trending theme of not liking to eat three regular meals a day, or not liking to see their reflection in a mirror.


So why do they let them get themselves like this? Is it starving through the day, as no calories mean weight loss right? Or can it be through social media and magazines seeing the skinnier photoshopped models who create an inner doubt about who they are?

I truly believe that what the person has gone through, be it in childhood or teenage years that has set this pattern in place. even when that jealous person in a classroom calls that person a fat whatever that creates an emotional bond and irregular eating pattern.

Everyone knows that the worst food always tastes the best. The biscuits that you know have 150+ calories per biscuit, but tastes SO good when dunked in to a cup of tea. But why do we choose these foods when we know they are unhealthy in the first place? Is it the chemicals/ingredients that create an addictive reaction, the same (but less intense) that an alcoholic or drug addict gets. Yes that sounds extreme, but why does your conscious mind keep telling yourself 'just one more will be ok'?

So how can hypnosis change this negative feeling, to create a positive mind? Well if you are still reading this blog it would be fair to say that you have some things that regularly play on your mind. Of course you do because you're human, however, some of these negative feelings will be linked with the feelings from when you was younger and saw the edited model that made you feel 'fat'. So... once these feelings  and thoughts are gone, what is left to stop you from changing your ways? Nothing.

For anyone who's reading this that thinks they cannot be hypnotised or it's not real, just remember how many times you've been suggestible to adverts on TV or in magazines. It's the same result, just different method.

So, next time you're heading for the snack cupboard for the biscuit barrel just think, WHY?

In the video below you see how I've helped someone to like more fruit and veg, over skype, in New Zealand. You can make these changes in life.