Hypnosis helped me lose weight!


During my Hypnotherapy Diploma, I took the opportunity to undergo a weight loss session, Now as a 6'3" male I was weighing 17.1St before the course. Training has not been capable due to a knee injury, I've also been very poor at eating fruit and veg.

A lady on the course (Bev) completed her diploma a few months before but was after a refresher. So I challenged her to hypnotise me for weight loss. I explained how my only intake of veg was a portion of peas, as I was put off veg when younger due to my dad force feeding me if I didn't finish my vegetables.

After approx 40-50 minutes of going through a number of past memories and changing the way I thought about fruit and veg I spent the next 15 minutes thinking how I wanted to buy and apple from the local store. The strange thing was I kept saying to myself that I was being stupid, but the more I thought that the more I wanted to purchase and taste an apple.

In the end i purchased a bag of apples, to my amazement I took a bite and the old retching reaction didn't happen. I also found the apple to be very tasty. But how  could this be? I've never liked eating apples, but it was nice... later that evening when having my dinner i ordered a burger (I know not the healthiest of choices). When it was served it came with salad on the burger. Now normally i would just flick the 'Rabbit food' off an be one with it, but this evening I had this voice in my head that was telling me to try it.. So i did, and to my amazement again (that's now twice in one day) I enjoyed it.

I always knew that the hardest person to believe that I had made these changes to my life would be my wife (I'm not 100% sure she's convinced). But when I was making my cereal for breakfast and didn't put my normal sprinkle of sugar on top as my head said I didn't need it I was confused, especially when I ate it and it still tasted the same as when I would have the sugar on top.

Since being on the course (of which i started 17.1st) I've been able to stop junk food eating, mostly cutting down on bread intake. I've also been able to manage the pain in my knee more, allowing me to complete for physical activity and drop down to my current weight of 16.3st in the 2 week period.

So should you sill be reading this far in, always realise that you can make the changes you require to lose weight. It's fair to say its all in your head, but sometimes you need that nudge to assist you.

If you want to lose weight I suggest hypnotherapy, not just because I'm a therapist but because its changed my life more that I could imagine. Get in touch today for a free consultation: Bookings & Enquiries.