Weight Loss: Hypnotherapy helped me do it!

Finally, following having Hypnotherapy for weight loss I can finally say it has helped me (I'll go through how in a minute) to achieve my first target weight of 95Kg.


At first I thought this would be a mammoth of a challenge, I've never been one to lose weight, Even with my military background, I've always been one of those people who either stay at one particular weight or keep creeping up towards breaking the scales.

So how has hypnotherapy helped me I can hear you thinking. Firstly once I was put into an hypnotic trance, I was given the suggestion to stop snacking, I know this doesn't sound like much but I could easily eat 1/2 - 3/4 of a packet of digestives with a cup of tea in the evening.

I always knew it's wasn't good for me, I just couldn't stop myself from the enjoyment. I now go daily without even thinking about snacking in any form. The only time I do have something small is if I'm REALLY hungry.

I was also taught (whilst in trance) how to actually notice when my stomach is full. This has helped me not try to fill my face with a plate full of food until destruction, you know that feeling when you say 'why did I eat so much'.

My other big goal when given the therapy was to start eating more fruit and vegetables. This element went a little less smooth as I still haven't got used to the texture of fruit. however, I've been enjoying to taste.. Vegetables have been more of a success, enjoying more different vegetables with my meals rather than just plain old peas.

Together with these simple methods and a bit more physical I'm proud to say I've been able to drop from 110kg to 95.5kg. My clothes fit me (or too big in some cases), and my belt is back to being worn on the first hole.

I'm sure some people who read this think its common sense eat less food and you'll lose weight, however its not been the quantity per say that I've changed, but more the type of foods that I'm eating.

If I've been feeling like I'm full during a meal I simply stop and leave.

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Graham Webber