First Kinetic Shift Course Completed!

On April 29th and 30th myself and Bev Gisborne of Rewired Minds took 11 people on our first Kinetic Shift training course for the UK Hypnosis Academy following out train the trainer course in March.


We always knew being the first course that wasn't being taught by the founder Karl Smith was going to give added strain, as would people still want to join us on our course? With 6 weeks from completing the trainer’s course to our Kinetic Shift course we knew we had to get advertising and make people feel comfortable with our presence to join us.

With many sleepless nights planning how to advertise or planning Facebook live events, we started to get noticed and slowly started to take bookings. Fantastic!!! All of a sudden the natural anxiety we both felt started to drop, more positive drive developed, ensuring this would be a course that whoever attended would enjoy.

In the final week we had ten booked on with one last person booking on with two days to go. So all prepared and a long car journey for Bev from Norwich we were all ready to become the first qualified associate trainers of the UK Hypnosis Academy.

Day 1

IMG_5310.JPG (1).jpg

Early rise and a hearty breakfast we got to the hotel as early as we were allowed to, good job too as they had set the room up different compare to how we asked the day before... typical. So a quick re jig and a few deep breaths we were ready to go. From this point it was an absolute blast; everyone bonded really well and took to all the new rapid hypnosis methods. All that were on the course were now getting so confident with a rapid use to hypnosis meant they were no longer using scripts, watching the person they were working with and more importantly ensuring safety was in place at all times.

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The difference in the confidence in every person (although already hypnotherapy trained) was amazing, all finding a new number of inductions from the 9 they had been taught.  There was also one lady who was registered as deaf… how do we hypnotise a deaf person… how do you give a deaf person suggestion when in trance? She could in fact hear but only about 10%, so lip reading was her main method to communicate. For that reason trance was induced using touches that were all put in place prior to the session beginning. The suggestion section was all delivered with eyes open (although still hypnotised) before re-entering the hypnotic state prior to emergence.

Following our session I asked about her hearing, where she informed me it was from a virus she had had, leaving her now with approximately 10% hearing. It was at this point I used Kinetic shift to help her realise that her hearing wasn’t really down to 10%, but she had actually stopped using it as was more than comfortable lip reading. So as you can guess her hearing got better and more clearly, her tears of joy showed that she hadn’t ‘heard’ like this for some years. This wasn’t the only help that was given out throughout the weekend, after all we are all human and every human has things that they need assistance with.

Day 2

Kinetic Shift, The day had come to learn what most were there to learn, but first practice of everything that was taught the day before. What better way to do this that doing so in a speed induction style.

Each person practiced from 2 minutes, down to 30 second and finishing off with a 5 minute session to indicate just how long you actually have to help clients using hypnotherapy. Following this and a little demo of Peppa Pig (you will find out on the course) we got underway with Kinetic Shift. Now what would be a better way to demonstrate that helping someone on the course who had a traumatic event when car jacked 10 years ago, but also had her daughter in the car too. For many years she felt unsafe and not able to talk to people about the event without being very emotional (which is to be expected). Following the Kinetic Shift demonstration which took about 10 minutes the change in her face and the way she held her body, showed there was a change to how she now felt of the situation.

For the rest of the day there was lots of practicing as well as demonstrations, everyone was overwhelmed with the effectiveness of the speed of Kinetic Shift, also how it managed to help again with things that people on the course were unable to explain why they felt that way prior to the course.

So there we go, 11 people who are now under the UK Hypnosis Academy umbrella and already making many changes for a lot of people in their own practices.

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Myself and Bev aim to be running another course at the end of the year and look forward to meeting anyone who joins us.

Keep an eye out for our new website opening soon for more course details that are happening across the country.