Old Pain Gone with OldPain2Go®


This weekend myself and three other UK Hypnosis Academy trainers set off for Ruskington, Lincolnshire to learn OldPain2Go® with the creator Steven Blake. I had heard from many friends in the hypnosis community as to how good this technique was, as well as hearing of a lot of success stories. So who better to learn from than the originator?

Saturday 20th January 2018 we set off from the hotel we stayed in nearby, with open minds we were looking forward to the day ahead. Upon Arrival Steven welcomed us all with a warm hug, making all 7 of us on the course feel at home. With a quick introduction and a cup of tea (most important element), we made our way into his training room to begin learning.

Steven took us into depth as to how why and when he created this amazing methodology that is now taking the world by storm, the biggest part of it I took away was the passion of his work and fine detail of every story of examples where he had helped people. The way he mentions that as he walks down the road seeing someone with clear pain, then offers them help there and then. He also spends many a summers day at various events helping people for free. 

Soon enough the first volunteer arrived. A lady in her 30's with Fibromyalgia. Her pain running through her body was clear, in her face, the way she moved and even her voice. Steven explained how and why the body develops Fibromyalgia and the look on her face as though he had been following her and knew exactly how she was feeling. She stated that she was currently feeling pain that was an 8 out of 10. So Steven went through the OldPain2Go® procedure with her....

Straight away you could see her frame relaxing, colour starting to fill her cheeks and that smile fulfilling a place that you could see she hadn't had for some time. Her pain had gone down from an 8 to a 1! A few moments later and it was a 0. Amazing. So much so when she stood up out of her chair she moved like a completely different person. Free, flexible and most importantly not in pain.

After a tea break we got down to the main learning. I'm not going to go into depth, but as before the attention to detail was impeccable from start to finish. He imbedded the belief into us all that we can and will achieve this of which come the end of the day we did.

Modern day life is becoming a lot quicker. Everyone wants everything NOW. With this technique you are able to give that. It is quick easy and can be delivered in person or over Skype.

If you would like to find out how OldPain2Go® can help you please contact me.

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Thank you for reading.