Kinetic Shift Australia

So we did it!

On 10-11 February 2018 Bev Gisborne and myself taught the first ever Kinetic Shift course in Adelaide Australia to 20 brand new practitioners.

For anyone not aware. A Kinetic Shift course is made up of one day rapid hypnosis inductions, where you learn a guaranteed 7 inductions with a maximum of 10. Day 2 we take you through everything that is to do with Kinetic Shift (a content free way of removing trauma and more) and plenty of practicing. 

So day 1, on the course we had a wide range of students, from seasoned therapists to people who had never done hypnosis before. Instantly we were cautious to the levels that we would have to deliver the content ensuring maximum learning from all. With a quick introduction we got underway with Induction number one, Magnetic Fingers.

With a number of demonstrations everyone got underway achieving hypnosis well within the 3 minute time frame. From this moment everyone on the course had the bug, so what better than Bev to get on teaching the next induction Magnetic Hands.

Screenshot 2018-02-25 09.34.57.png

Again with the amazement of what could be achieved, away they went to practice, practice, practice and perfect what they had been taught.

This is very much how the day continued, managing to fit all inductions in we finished day 1 with a confidence booster.

Having limited amounts of time each student had to achieve hypnosis with a peer, give empowering suggestions an emerge within allotted times. Starting with 2 minutes, everyone was actually finishing well before the timer finished. this showed to Bev and myself just how well they had took on the information from the day. Until after a few different time allowances there was now only 30 seconds to induce hypnosis give suggestions and emerge. Again all achieved the goal. Using the Shock Inductions that had learned allowed them plenty of time for the remainder.

It was soon day 2 and Kinetic Shift was to be taught. Following some energy demonstrations using Peppa Pig (yes Peppa Pig) we got in depth with what Kinetic Shift was, going through step by step how it works. With already great results being achieved by Bev and myself in the demos, the students were soon practicing and getting great results.

With a lot more practice throughout the remainder of the day Australias first Kinetic Shift course was complete. What a beautiful location, amazing students and great team work in Bev and Myself.

Until next time Australia.