How do you Hypnotise someone?

Many people ask me how is it that I can hypnotise people... My answer is I just do it.

Now that isn't to be a cocky answer.. Well it is a little. The truth is it took a lot of research and practise for myself. I was self taught from watching DVD's Youtube videos and practising whenever I could. The initial reason I wanted to learn hypnosis was so that it would compliment my magic I was doing at the time. It was never to get rid of phobias or help someone lose weight, more to get them to forget their name and other comical things that you would have seen on TV.

The hand take induction

So, how do you hypnotise someone?? The biggest secret is confidence. To all the students I teach, I explain... If you was to go into a barbers for a cut throat shave, but your regular barber asks if it is OK if the apprentice does the cut throat shave today for his first try. Would you take up on the offer?? This is very much the same with hypnosis would you let someone play with your mind who hasn't done it before? Again of course not, so there for it is your target to give so much information to make the person believe that you have hypnotised hundreds if not thousands of people. If you remotely give off the lack of confidence the unconscious of the other person will pick up on it. This is called building rapport and highly important for a successful hypnosis session. After this has been achieved you then go through the ritualistic stages of a hypnotic induction to induce trance.

So what is the best way to learn hypnosis? as well as reading up on it I personally suggest a 1-2 day training course. These give the knowledge and confidence to get the fundamental practice in place. Then you can look into which direction you would like to take from there, whether Street hyonosis, Stage Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy.

If you still want to learn you can also get the UK Hypnosis Academy Rapid Induction training video HERE.

Thanks for reading!