Hazel Gale - Mind Monsters

On Wednesday 24th April, Hazel Gale joined me for the 6th Hypnosis Online Meet Ups presenting about Mind Monsters.

Hazel Gale’s Mind Monsters Replay

Hazel Gale’s Mind Monsters Replay

For me I was really excited for this presentation, I had the pleasure to see Hazel at the UK Hypnosis Convention in November 2018 where she talked about the same subject. She spoke, caught my attention straight away and delivered a presentation that everyone in the room resonated to near enough instantaneously. But what is mind monsters? Let me start with why she created them.. Hazel is a professional Boxer who has won many titles including two world titles in one day! but this was never enough for her, she never got satisfaction just the feeling of that she could have done better.

After her own personal journey and exploration, she found that Mind Monsters as she describes it, was playing up to keep her in a self-sabotaging mindset. This never allowed her to be good enough for the titles and activities she achieved, never doing enough to fulfil a goal and as you can imagine making things hard for her.

During the meet up she used practical demo’s and interaction where all attendees were able to see and locate their own monsters. Using Hazel’s design on Parts Therapy and Metaphor building this allowed for the understanding of the monsters in the meet up to be understood.

If you would like to understand your monster and maybe learn more about Hazel and her book release - The Mind Monster Solution you can view the 1hr 20 min meet up HERE using code BLOG for a small discount.

Also you can find more about her at HazelGale.com