Pain Management - And How it Helps

Many people ask me as to whether I assist people with Pain Management?

The answer is Yes! But not always in the ways that are expected. Many people expect pain management to be for chronic pain like Fibromyalgia, ME or Arthritis. Although I have assisted many people in these areas, I tend to find the most rewarding is helping people with it when they don’t actually realise they need it.

For example, Needle Phobias. Many people believe they are scared of the impending doom that comes with needles (although there is non). Instead their thought process is triggering off to that one injection that would have hurt when younger. Breaking it into it lowest level, rather than a phobia it’s a traumatic event that the body id trying it’s best to not re-create.

Recently I had an 8yo child referred to me for a needle phobia. He has a B12 deficiency, which in turn means that he has to have weekly injections inter muscularly which in turn can be painful.

When I met him, it was taking up to 60 minutes for this injection to be administered with hysterical screaming as a lead up. With some work as to how he can manage the pain for himself, placing him in control, he was able to turn around the 60 minutes. First week he was much more in control and second week his injection took only 3 minutes with no pain…

Breaking this down, how can something so painful be pain free? Our brains as many have been told so much are powerful tools. If you believe something is going to hurt… It will (most of the time). But if you can put someone into a comfortable environment, where they can be in control and believe that they can choose whether or not the next injection will hurt or not. You will find miraculous outcomes.

So if you are someone who has a fear of needles and wishes to get past it. Contact me HERE to start your journey on to a more manageable lifestyle. Especially if requiring injections for pregnancy etc.

Hypnosis Online Meet Ups



Over the last 6 months I’ve been hosting Hypnosis Online Meet Ups, but what is it? 

I believe as a therapist it’s important to meet up with ither therapists and share findings, experiences and what courses etc they have enjoyed.

My journey began with organising a Meet Up in my local town, there was lots of interest, all was planned. But as the daye got closer more people were not able to attend due to babysitting, timings and other reasons. This meant there was only 3 of us.

After a reflection I was doing a Skype session one day and thought... why not bring the meet ups online? This is when Hypnosis Online Meet Ups was created.

We began by having a general meet up meeting with others. Then as we moved on I was able to get people in the field to present on different topics. With it being online we can all still see each other, but we’re in the comfort of our own home. 

The presentations were kick off by the amazing Daniel Ryan from New York, talking about all things Past Life Regression. This set the full foundations down for future meetings. 

Since then we have had two more information filled presentations from Phil Steele on Law Of Attraction and Barry Collins on Limiting Beliefs all of these can be downloaded from here.

I look forward to developing this concept moving forward, with many more presentations planned and a free get together in February. Also Daniel Ryan has announced he will be doing his live group past life regression session soon.