I'm Becoming A UK Hypnosis Academy Instructor


Fantastic news! I've been selected from a choice of many Hypnotherapists to become a trainer for the UK Hypnosis Academy. But what does this mean... I as well as other people across the world will be delivering one day hypnosis packages as well as Kinetic Shift Practitioner courses. I'm really excited to be given this opportunity and as the students of the Bristol Kinetic Shift course this weekend found seen I am very keen and driven to help Karl deliver the immensely popular course that he has created. As a trainer I will be concentrating in training within the South West of the UK but available to run courses all over the country.

If you've not heard of the UK Hypnosis Academy (UKHA), or Kinetic Shift let me inform you on it. UKHA delivers hypnotherapy training from one day induction courses to full 5 day hypnotherapy diplomas which includes 3 months of mentoring to assist you build up your hypnotherapy business. Kinetic Shift was created by Karl and has become famous around the world as a leading hypnosis method to removing Fears, Phobias, Emotional Feelings, Assist with weight loss and much much more.

So what to expect on one of a course. Firstly you will learn RAPID Hypnosis inductions, if fact you will learn up to 10! Then practice your new skill, learning how to give positivity to a client, how to be safe and how to bring them back out of hypnosis. We will then practice practice practice all 10 leaving you feel confident and never requiring a script ever again! FACT.

Day 2 (after a wonderful sleep) will consist of more inductions, re confirming speed and accuracy. Social media skills to make YOU noticed. Then onto Kinetic Shift... where everything you'd learnt over the past 24 WILL seen like small fry. You will be getting a deep cleanse from each other, feeling the effects of Kinetic Shift and what a session feels like for a client. By this time you will feel drained but raring to go out to the real world using your new skills.

If you want to know more, or have done the course but would like to refresh your skills, please get in touch: Bookings & Enquiries.