What Happens After Weight Loss Hypnosis

This is why I know hypnotherapy weight loss works: Me - before and following treatment.

This is why I know hypnotherapy weight loss works: Me - before and following treatment.

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy is very close to me, after all I lost 2.5st following hypnotherapy and in turn become a lot fitter and more valuably more confident. But what was it that changed after hypnotherapy, why was I able to lose that weight?

Following a session you find yourself in charge more than ever of your eating habits. Remember all foods are important, if we don't eat we can't function just the same as not filling your car up with fuel. The difference is the quality and/or quantity of food that you eat. For me I'm not a fruit eater, I don't like the texture of the skin from apples and pips from fruit. Strange I know but that's just me and I'm sure some people can relate to that. So more of my weight loss come from food consumption. I was eating portions until I was full then stopping and not providing myself with big lunches to again prevent overeating. The most important change for me was the prevention of snacking within the evenings. Where as I would usually (and happily) eat through 3/4 of a packet of biscuits in an evening with a cup of sugary tea, I now just have my sugar free tea without of a thought of a snack unless I'm really hungry following physical exercise or something of that nature.

That is my journey and everyone's can be completely different. I've had some clients who go on complete heath kicks eating all the low fat healthy foods that they haven't been able to sustain when on diets and others like me who eat comfortably but stopping their food once their stomachs indicate to them that they are full. I have also had some people contact me worrying that they have eaten foods that they thought they would never eat again, but once I point out the fact they stopped when they were full and didn't eat the same quantity they used to eat, this maid them realise the fact that they are much more free with their eating. Notice I said free with their eating? This is because following hypnotherapy it never feels like you're on a diet, every food and choice makes you feel like you're eating naturally and the choices make you feel more positive.

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Graham Webber