Hypnotic Trance To Stop Snacking

Since becoming qualified as a Hypnotherapist a lot of women ask, “can you stop me eating junk food?” Now although that's the first question, there also seems to be a trending theme of not liking to eat three regular meals a day, or not liking to see their reflection in a mirror.


So why do they let them get themselves like this? Is it starving through the day, as no calories mean weight loss right? Or can it be through social media and magazines seeing the skinnier photoshopped models who create an inner doubt about who they are?

I truly believe that what the person has gone through, be it in childhood or teenage years that has set this pattern in place. even when that jealous person in a classroom calls that person a fat whatever that creates an emotional bond and irregular eating pattern.

Everyone knows that the worst food always tastes the best. The biscuits that you know have 150+ calories per biscuit, but tastes SO good when dunked in to a cup of tea. But why do we choose these foods when we know they are unhealthy in the first place? Is it the chemicals/ingredients that create an addictive reaction, the same (but less intense) that an alcoholic or drug addict gets. Yes that sounds extreme, but why does your conscious mind keep telling yourself 'just one more will be ok'?

So how can hypnosis change this negative feeling, to create a positive mind? Well if you are still reading this blog it would be fair to say that you have some things that regularly play on your mind. Of course you do because you're human, however, some of these negative feelings will be linked with the feelings from when you was younger and saw the edited model that made you feel 'fat'. So... once these feelings  and thoughts are gone, what is left to stop you from changing your ways? Nothing.

For anyone who's reading this that thinks they cannot be hypnotised or it's not real, just remember how many times you've been suggestible to adverts on TV or in magazines. It's the same result, just different method.

So, next time you're heading for the snack cupboard for the biscuit barrel just think, WHY?

In the video below you see how I've helped someone to like more fruit and veg, over skype, in New Zealand. You can make these changes in life.