Anxieties in Children


If you are a parent, there is nothing that you look after more than your children. So seeing them nervous to a level that compulsive behaviours are created is of course frustrating. But why is this happening?

Unfortunately children have very active minds that can be moulded in many different ways.

We as adults may say things to our children that they make take so serious, that they truly believe you. I always remember my parents saying "if you keep pulling faces like that and the wind changes, you'll stay like that forever". Although I knew this was never going to happen, there are some sayings that can play on a child's mind.

The most common anxieties I have come across in children involves the belief someone is going to get into their house whilst they sleep. I know as parents we protect our children as much as we possibly can. We never want to see then hurt or scared, we also do not know what truly scares them. I remember when David Bowie passed away last year, I put Labyrinth on for my children to watch. One of them absolutely loved it, the other found it difficult to sleep for days as he swore the Goblin King was going to come to our house, with this thought playing on his mind numerous times.

So how can you know if your child is just going through a phase, or know that they are suffering with anxieties that could only get worse?

Firstly does your child have genuine fear towards something? Going to bed, always checking windows/doors are locked, looks around the room when certain things are mentioned or seen on the TV and finally genuine fear when going to bed or being by themselves. Some children even struggle to get to sleep unless their parents are in the room with them.

Secondly if you ask your child to think about the thing that scares them or makes them feel anxious, then ask them if when they think if it, they get a feeling build up in their body like a ball of emotions. If this is the case, feelings have been confused at some point in their life. Going back a bit, this could when they were scared in the dark because someone turned the lights off and did a scary laugh for exmple. I hope that makes sense.

OK we know what and how the child is feeling, how can we get rid of it? Obviously being a Hypnotist I'm going to say hypnosis. But before settling the mind using hypnosis, I complete a confusion technique known as the Kinetic Shift, that prevents the cognitive mind from being able to remember where those thought used to come from. Because if there is no thoughts there to be scared of, then you can't be scared from those same situations.

Try it yourself, if you have a fear or phobia, think about what you're scared of... that feeling that build up in your body is exactly the same sort of feeling. So again imagine if it was gone. It would make everything a lot more bearable.

I really do hope this helps, if there is any questions towards the subject please contact me - Bookings & Enquiries.