Pain Management - And How it Helps

Many people ask me as to whether I assist people with Pain Management?

The answer is Yes! But not always in the ways that are expected. Many people expect pain management to be for chronic pain like Fibromyalgia, ME or Arthritis. Although I have assisted many people in these areas, I tend to find the most rewarding is helping people with it when they don’t actually realise they need it.

For example, Needle Phobias. Many people believe they are scared of the impending doom that comes with needles (although there is non). Instead their thought process is triggering off to that one injection that would have hurt when younger. Breaking it into it lowest level, rather than a phobia it’s a traumatic event that the body id trying it’s best to not re-create.

Recently I had an 8yo child referred to me for a needle phobia. He has a B12 deficiency, which in turn means that he has to have weekly injections inter muscularly which in turn can be painful.

When I met him, it was taking up to 60 minutes for this injection to be administered with hysterical screaming as a lead up. With some work as to how he can manage the pain for himself, placing him in control, he was able to turn around the 60 minutes. First week he was much more in control and second week his injection took only 3 minutes with no pain…

Breaking this down, how can something so painful be pain free? Our brains as many have been told so much are powerful tools. If you believe something is going to hurt… It will (most of the time). But if you can put someone into a comfortable environment, where they can be in control and believe that they can choose whether or not the next injection will hurt or not. You will find miraculous outcomes.

So if you are someone who has a fear of needles and wishes to get past it. Contact me HERE to start your journey on to a more manageable lifestyle. Especially if requiring injections for pregnancy etc.

Am I susceptible to hypnosis?


Being a hypnotist in both stage hypnosis and clinical hypnotherapy, I've had many people ask 'What if I'm not susceptible'. When it comes to being hypnotised, 90% of people will quite easily go into a hypnotic trance. After all everyone goes into trance on a daily basis, ever had someone stood in front of you waving their hand because you was 'daydreaming'? This is a perfect example of waking hypnosis, your eyes are wide awake but as your concentration is fixated on something you go into a trance like state.

Just like the feeling when daydreaming, hypnosis is very similar. You can hear everything around you, any muscle twitches or emotions can be felt throughout. This is because your conscious mind (those thoughts in your head telling you what to say and do) is in a relaxed state and your subconscious mind (your filing system) is heightened and ready to change.

For the ability to take on suggestions when in hypnosis, you have to be able to imagine, using the strong power of an imagination it allows you to visualise  the changes you need to make changes. When you think about a feeling that you've experienced, you can normally guarantee there is a situation that comes to mind from a time you felt those feelings.

So over all don't be scared of hypnosis, you can achieve many positive changes when under. Some of these changes can be instantaneous, others do take some time to listen to what your newly programed subconscious is trying to tell you.

If you ever have any more questions reference this topic please get in touch: Bookings & Enquiries.

Hypnotic Trance To Stop Snacking

Since becoming qualified as a Hypnotherapist a lot of women ask, “can you stop me eating junk food?” Now although that's the first question, there also seems to be a trending theme of not liking to eat three regular meals a day, or not liking to see their reflection in a mirror.


So why do they let them get themselves like this? Is it starving through the day, as no calories mean weight loss right? Or can it be through social media and magazines seeing the skinnier photoshopped models who create an inner doubt about who they are?

I truly believe that what the person has gone through, be it in childhood or teenage years that has set this pattern in place. even when that jealous person in a classroom calls that person a fat whatever that creates an emotional bond and irregular eating pattern.

Everyone knows that the worst food always tastes the best. The biscuits that you know have 150+ calories per biscuit, but tastes SO good when dunked in to a cup of tea. But why do we choose these foods when we know they are unhealthy in the first place? Is it the chemicals/ingredients that create an addictive reaction, the same (but less intense) that an alcoholic or drug addict gets. Yes that sounds extreme, but why does your conscious mind keep telling yourself 'just one more will be ok'?

So how can hypnosis change this negative feeling, to create a positive mind? Well if you are still reading this blog it would be fair to say that you have some things that regularly play on your mind. Of course you do because you're human, however, some of these negative feelings will be linked with the feelings from when you was younger and saw the edited model that made you feel 'fat'. So... once these feelings  and thoughts are gone, what is left to stop you from changing your ways? Nothing.

For anyone who's reading this that thinks they cannot be hypnotised or it's not real, just remember how many times you've been suggestible to adverts on TV or in magazines. It's the same result, just different method.

So, next time you're heading for the snack cupboard for the biscuit barrel just think, WHY?

In the video below you see how I've helped someone to like more fruit and veg, over skype, in New Zealand. You can make these changes in life.