Hypnotherapy to treat anxiety


What is Anxiety? Everyone that I've treated who say they suffer with anxiety always have the same look at life - they come to doing something new in their life or a regular activity that now makes them feel anxious. I never want this to sound rude, but everyone goes through new activities on a day-to-day basis, but do they feel anxious, or do they feel nervous?

The feeling of built up nerves when you are younger can be very hard to deal with. When I was younger, like many people, I always struggled to introduce myself to other people. I would always either wait for them to say hello or wait to find their name and wait until there is a moment I could use their name straight away. Was it because I had an anxiety or because I was nervous? I can tell you that for me it was nerves.

I can also relate to how if these nerves were to build up more and more each time that it would create a more intense nervousness. No one ever wants to introduce themselves to someone and not be liked, or the wrong first impression be taken. Likewise should you be someone who's been in a car crash, there will always be caution from that point on. Should someone look at the road thinking that there is always a strong possibility that there is going to be a crash surely the nerves when driving are going to be a lot stronger.

So, in the long run if the nervous element was removed and released from the moments in life where the nerves would build up so much that it would create an 'anxiety' this is where hypnotherapy helps. Using hypnotic trance you're able to change the subconscious minds filing system. This allows that from that point, anytime you are in the same environment that once made you nervous, you will simply find confidence.

Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool that can assist in many ways to change your life for the good. If you are interesting in finding out more or would like to book a session, please get in touch: Bookings & Enquiries.