Frequently Asked Questions

Many people worry about Hypnosis. So I have collated a group of questions that are regularly asked.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a processed that is used to allow a client to reach a heightened stated of focus. When in Hypnosis you are then able (with the assistance of the hypnotherapist) to alter the way the subconscious is processing.

How can Hypnosis help me?

Hypnosis is used to access your subconscious mind (the place that controls all automatic functions). By entering into a hypnotic state this can assist with Fears, Phobias, Depression, PTSD, Weight Loss and Quit Smoking.

What if it wont work?

Hypnosis has been proven over the years with endless amounts of positive results. One thing you as a client need ensure is that they want to get a result from the hypnotherapy and not try to treat it like a magic wand.

How long will a session take?

On average a session lasts only 1hr. But if the session is completed before then or requires longer then so be it.

Why does Hypnotherapy cost so much?

to gain the qualifications that I have, as well as being suitably insured and attending regular CPD. It costs a lot of money, as well as making a profit to be a success charges are unfortunately higher than some other therapies.

What does Hypnosis feel like?

Many people are amazed that you don’t actually go to sleep during hypnosis. In fact you go into a highly relaxed trance, you can still hear everything around you. many people come out of hypnosis feeling like it was the relaxation they have needed for a long time.

I wasn’t able to be hypnotised for a stage show, is this the same for therapy?

When you volunteer for a stage show you are aware that you may be ‘showing yourself up’ so to say. Its is at this point that your subconscious may resist to experiencing hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is approached at a different level, to calm you , not to make you cluck like a chicken and most importantly help you.

If you have any more questions that you wish answering please email me here or use the message chat in the bottom corner of the screen.