Hypnotic Online Meet Ups

Hypnosis Online Meet Ups Q+A

What is it? - A monthly meet up where therapists can meet up live and learn about an array of subjects from professionals in the industry. To date we have had presentations on Past Life Regression (as well as a live group Regression), Law Of Attraction, Limiting Beliefs and Sexual Freedom Hypnosis.

Where is it hosted? - Online via a chat service called ZOOM. This is much like Skype, but with a more stable connection and more options.

When are they held? - Typically on one Monday every month (depending on presenter availability). They always start at 8pm UK time and typically 1.5 - 2hrs.

Is there replays available? - YES! however, as Hypnosis online meet ups is predominately about a group of people meeting up. Replays will cost more than the original ticket cost.

Can I sign up for monthly subscription? - Yes! and in doing so you will never miss a meet up again as all replays are sent for being a part of the ‘Community’. More details HERE.

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Click for Replay Store Store