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Kinetic Shift… What is it?

If you haven’t already watch the video below for a better idea.

Kinetic Shift is a content free technique that has been created to assist such things as PTSD, Fears and Phobias, Weight loss, Anxiety and much more.

This technique has been taught to GPs, mental health professionals and Hypnotherapists all over the world. It has become so successful due to its diversity, speed and ease. With most sessions taking no longer than 20 minutes many therapist have this as their 'go to technique'.

Kinetic Shift is based over 7 stages that can create rapid change within the client. Created by Karl Smith the owner of the UK Hypnosis Academy, following a personal suffer with PTSD. After being helped through hypnosis, he was playing with some Ideas one evening when Kinetic Shift was born whilst assisting a painter who was suffering with PTSD at a friends house.

You will find a lot of people raving about Kinetic Shift, but very little information on it. Why? because of how effective this technique is. 

What Does Kinetic Shift Help With?

Created to help with PTSD, there has been many more findings that it helps with as shown below.

- Pain

- Weight Loss

- Fears and Phobias

- Anxiety

- Smoking

- Compulsive Behaviours 

Course Content -

Day 1 - Rapid Hypnosis Induction Training -  Learn 7 Guaranteed  Rapid/Instant hypnotic inductions. Learn quick? we teach up to 10 on course.

  • From simple inductions to not even using words

Day 2 - Kinetic Shift Technique -  Day 2 is dedicated to mastering the 7 steps of Kinetic shift. Each step broken down for ease of understanding. Also demonstrated in how to use in multiple sessions.


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Graham Webber gets a gruelling interview about kinetic shift, following a session the night before.
Kinetic Shift Graham Webber, Bev Gisborne and Angelo Diponeo
Kinetic Shift  Graham Webber and Bev Gisborne Australia Adelaide
Kinetic Shift Graham Webber and Bev Gisborne Salisbury

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