Magic for Ice Breakers and Confidence

When - Saturday 15th June, Saturday 21st September

Where - Sudbury Suffolk , Exeter Dorset

Why? - Many people want to learn magic but never know where to start.. This is what happened to me. So let me help you get started… But be warned this is like pringles (you have been warned).

I spent many years watching Paul Daniels, David Blaine and even the Masked Magician wondering how they did it. One day I came across a company that made it much easier for me to learn, allowing me to now make a business out of what I’ve achieved.

What can you expect on this 1 day training?

I have been performing magic for the last 15 years to thousands of people. during this course I will be teaching you the subtleties, sleight of hand and methodology that is required for the easiest yet effective magic tricks. This will then allow you to pick up a pack of cards in a bar or social environment, allowing you to achieve the unexpected.

Magic Graham Webber

****WARNING*** You will still have to put in practice following this course. Although the basics will be in place you will still need to practice in order to master

For the cost of the weekend (£199) you will be provided with all that is required for you to go out and amaze. You will get a set of the best playing cards for performing, A set of magic sponge balls and a precise to refer back to which will assist with practising with integrated video links demoing all tricks.

I will be teaching

6 Card tricks - Coin Tricks - Sponge Ball Tricks plus any smaller and easier demo tricks on the day.

On average you will be performing your first magic trick by 0930 that morning!!!

I will also be going through the patter and banter that has assisted me to perform in front of 5000 people at Reading Festival as a warm up to Bill Bailey.

So.. What are you waiting for?

If you wish to join me please book on the button below.