Weight Loss

Weight loss and diets can be really hard. More so they can be really boring, which is why people so often stop or put weight back on once finished.

When using hypnotherapy we can make a diet feel more natural, keeping away from snacks, fatty and sugary food and only eating until you're full!

During the two weight loss hypnotherapy sessions I will:

  • Give a full mental de-clutter.
  • Remove negative feelings towards your weight.
  • Make your subconscious realise the bad choices in food you have made.
  • Create a stronger drive for reaching your goals.
  • Increase self-confidence.

All sessions are treated with complete confidentiality.


Suitable for:

  • Anyone struggling with weight loss.

For more information, please contact me for a consultation.

My personal weight loss journey with hypnosis  

My personal weight loss journey with hypnosis  

Treatment Prices:

  • 1-to-1 Hypnosis Session - £100
  • Skype Hypnosis Session - £100

Client success stories...

Every Day is a Winning Day!

“Four weeks ago today I had my first session with Graham and it was amazing, I literally haven't looked back and feel every day is a winning day. If you are thinking of contacting him for a session please do it as it will totally change your life - thanks Graham.”

— Vicky, Durrington.